Smart Performa Modules

To make Performance Management System more objective and targeted, the Smart Performa Software evaluates four modules namely: "Functional Objectives", "Internal Clients / Soft Skills Reviews", "Creative Additions" and an optional module called "Miscellaneous Category". The modalities and criteria for evaluating each of these modules are adaptable to the specificity of each company in such manner that generates the maximum benefits to the company.

Functional Objectives

These are S.M.A.R.T objectives and goals that align with the company’s objectives and will define the employee’s contributions for the particular “Appraisal Season”. Depending on the specificity of the job roles, each employee may have four-six objectives for each “Appraisal Season”.

Internal Clients/Soft Skills Reviews

These are 360 degree reviews from peers, direct reports and internal clients. These reviews and feedbacks will form the basis for the “Progressive Coaching” and Continuous Engagements that will be carried out between managers and employees throughout the “Appraisal Season”.


Over 90% of entrepreneurs that have created successful companies used to be employees for other companies. The “Creative Additions” module ensures your company benefits from the entrepreneurial ingenuity of most of your employees. This module turns your company into a “perpetual innovative machine”.

Miscellaneous Category

This category allows companies to evaluate other criteria that align with their objectives. These criteria may include extra credits for employees that undertake personal career development, employees that demonstrate leadership potentials, additional points for cross-functional evaluations etc.

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