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The Employee Performance Management system is similar to a “System of Accountability”. Without accountability, there may not be an incentive for personnel to strive for continuous improvement, meet their targets, become more creative, improve on their last performance or be of best behavior. This will in turn affect the present and future health of the company.

More companies use the manual performance review systems. E.g. use of Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheet for employee appraisals. The challenge for those companies is that their performance management process will become a backward-looking, time-wasting exercise that does not enhance productivity and innovations within the company. The opportunity cost of using the manual method will be the lost revenues as a result of stunted productivities.

Smart Performa is a cloud based software that is very suitable for both co-located teams and remote teams. All aspects of each “Appraisal Season” can be carried out in face-to-face meetings or remotely between managers and employees. Employees can request for 360 degree reviews, progressive coaching can be undertaken, feedbacks can be provided and “Creative Additions” can be documented through the cloud based application from any location.

Smart Performa is more unique in that it includes modules that are focused on Innovative Thinking, Progressive Coaching, Continuous Engagements, Extensive Feedbacks, Strategic Company Goals, Functional Objectives etc. It is simple, easy to use, strategic and more extensive than other softwares.

Smart Performa has been developed by experts with data security as a priority. It is also protected by specialized cyber-security tools. In addition to all the safeguards, the Smart Performa process requires minimal personal and critical data inputs from users. This was specifically designed into the process to ensure as much privacy as possible for our users.

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