Smart Performa Fundamentals

Innovative Thinking

The speed of innovations in the 21st century has made few companies to dominate others. With the Smart Performa “Creative Additions” module, your company has a solid chance of dominating your market sphere.

Upfront Clarity

Studies have shown that the lack of upfront clarity is one of the banes of Employee Performance Appraisals. During the Smart Performa “Pre-Appraisal Setup” period, company priorities, business objectives, performance benchmarks etc. will be determined upfront.

Progressive Coachings

Progressive and incremental coaching have been identified as key strategies for keeping high-performing employees and top talents within a company. With Smart Performa “Internal Clients / Soft Skills Reviews” module, managers can progressively coach employees throughout the “Appraisal Season”.

Forward-Looking Reviews

Studies show that companies that undertake forward-looking reviews get their employees to perform at higher levels than companies that use backward-looking reviews. Smart Performa ensures that each review leads to better coaching and improved employee performance.

“2+1 Feedback” Strategy

To ensure the employees perform to their optimum potentials, the feedbacks they get from reviewers must reflect both their areas of strength and their areas of required improvements. This can be achieved by using the Smart Performa “2+1 Feedback” strategy.

Comprehensive 360 Degree Reviews

With Smart Performa, employees and their managers can request and receive feedbacks from intra-functional peers, cross-functional colleagues, directs reports and internal clients. These reviews are used to help employees optimize their performance and results.