About Us

What makes Smart Performa different?

The Performance Management process is the most important process within any company but it has been reported as a “Pain Point” by many companies.

Smart Performa was conceptualized and developed based on extensive research works, interviews with Human Resources experts, company executives, managers, employees and various stakeholders across many industries.

Smart Performa is a cloud based software that combines an ingenious strategic methodology that allows every company to define their overarching goals for each “Appraisal Season” with a simple but forward-looking approach that ensures objective reviews, progressive coaching and comprehensive feedbacks for each employee.

The strategic advantage of Smart Performa is that it ensures that the current and future health of the company, the well-being and development of employees will always remain top priorities.

Smart Performa: Strategic Partnerships

We are a member of the United Kingdom Department of International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Program.

We partner with Human Resources Firms in various global markets to introduce the Smart Performa software to various companies globally. Our partners are established HR Firms that currently have clientele that will benefit from using the Smart Performa software.

The partnership process:

  • Our team pitch the Smart Performa software to HR Firms
  • We provide them with all the required documentation
  • HR Firms will pitch Smart Performa software to their clientele
  • HR Firms can add extra HR-related services to the software. These services include Performance Management audit process, trainings on the review cycles and coaching, independent arbiters for disputes etc

For further details on partnerships, please send an email to info@smartperforma.com We will get back to you promptly.