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Energize your People, Dominate your Market, Win the Future.

Performance Management framework that’s Forward Looking, Innovative Thinking & helps your PEOPLE optimize their potentials.

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Smart Performa

Our uniqueness over other softwares…

Innovative Thinking

Creative and innovative employees within the company will get credits for helping to "win the future".

Forward Looking Reviews

Allows Company Leadership to easily define a Review system that aligns with Company’s present and future health.

Unique Strategy for Each Year

Studies have shown that Appraisal systems with clearly defined upfront "Terms of Reference" will produce objective "Continuous Engagements" and feedbacks.

Progressive Coaching & Mentoring

Managers can progressively & incrementally coach and mentor employees throughout each Appraisal season.

Points System

Using our Weight Points System, Company Leadership can set out each Appraisal season in alignment with strategic business needs.

Simple, Easy to Use

Simple but strategic approach to goals and performance benchmark settings, developmental and evaluation processes.

Performance Management is a CHALLENGE for most companies. Why?

Take any "Appraisal Period" and split it into three phases: "Upstream" [Goal settings, Benchmarks, OKRs, Terms of Reference etc.]; "Midstream" [Coaching, Continuous Engagement etc.] and "Downstream" [Performance Evaluation, Results etc.]. Studies show that if the Upstream phase is strategically managed; the Midstream and Downstream phases will become more objective, focused and result-oriented.

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